A cold spell

The cold spell

Have you noticed how we change towards each other when there is bad weather?
You only have to get your car spinning in the snow or on ice and neighbours (the ones who you complained to about their overhanging tree) come out to give you a push. Try going on a bus (we don’t have a bus but I have this on good authority) and everyone will begin to talk to you or at least smile and offer a hand as you struggle with your bags.
People you have never spoken to before – complete strangers will strike up a conversation just as if they had known you all their life and you are the best of friends.
I am sure that you have noticed how bad wether casts this spell, but you may not have noticed that it seems to affect birds as well.
Birds that would have nothing to do with each other suddenly get together. Two robins, that would normally fight to the death to defend their territory, are eating from the same bird table as if they are the best of friends.
And fieldfares that normally defend for themselves a whole tree full of apples are suddenly eating with other fieldfares, redwings and starlings, as if they have known each other all their lives.
I don’t expect it will last though and as soon as things warm up a little we will all be a little colder towards each other again.


  1. Well Vicky I think we could all learn a thing or two from the birds about getting on together and sharing. The next time I'm sitting in a restaurant and notice that the person on the next table is eating a better meal than the one I ordered I'm going to draw my chair up to his and share his cavair!


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