The slugs are back!

Well to be honest the slugs never really went away. It was a wet winter with hardly any frosts so the slugs did not dwindle as they normally do.
If you have a garden you will know all about slugs and the damage they can do. Only the other night I planted out some little seedlings and the next morning when I went to see them they had half their leaves chewed off. After all my hard work - I was so dispirited.
I try not to use slug pellets because I don't want to damage wildlife.
We have thrushes in the garden and their numbers are dwindling fast, they eat slugs and snails but there are only two thrushes.
What else eats slugs? Well we have a hedgehog, a duck and frogs, we normally have plenty of these but this year there have not been any frogs for some reason and the hedgehog can only eat so much and it's not enough.
We have a duck but he is old and partly lame so not a lot of use on the eating slug front.
To add to my woes I have heard that the Spanish slug is coming to our shores and it is much bigger than our own slug AND it lays twice as many eggs and it doesn't mind hot weather (not that we get much but even so).
So what am I to do?
Well I have heard that slugs are partial to beer so I bought a bottle of the cheap stuff and my plan was to fill dishes with beer deep enough for slugs to drown in and then just sit back and wait.
BUT feeling low about my slug bitten seedlings I drank the beer myself, just to cheer myself up you understand.
I forgot about the slugs that night.
But this morning my seedlings have been eaten completely.


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