Small delights


So, now we can hug, but I think I will give that a miss for now. Even the words of the Government guidelines are careful, telling us to exercise caution and keep safe. In an adaptation of those famous words, (apologies to Margaret Thatcher), ‘You hug if you want to. This lady is not for hugging’), not yet anyway.

I am still finding distraction with the wildlife and garden. Though there are not many vegetables ready, we have lettuce and all types of green leaves. Surprisingly, our radishes are proving to be a good addition to sandwiches. I have always spurned such a humble vegetable but that was before the online supermarket shopping which can get boring. Now, these radishes taste delicious and crunchy and spicy. It is the small delights that count these days.

Other edible treats for our meals are the herbs. Thyme, rosemary, sage, and parsley are ready now. But I have had to buy a pot of basil which came in the delivery this week (not so boring this time). The herb has big green leaves and is delicious with any meal.

I have had a good idea; it is so good that I think you will have thought of it before me. I put the pot, with the growing basil plant, straight onto the table when we are eating. All we need to do it pick the leaves off as we want them. Then the plant goes back on the window ledge to continue growing until we need it again. I might try with other herbs, and it will be like a little garden on our kitchen table, what a feel-good factor that will be.

Yesterday though, I had a text that was the reverse of that feel-good feeling. It said it was from a well-known delivery service, with their logo – they were sorry they had missed me. I was not too pleased as I had been in when they said that they had tried to deliver and, of course, I was expecting a parcel (aren’t we all?).

I clicked on the link to re-arrange another delivery time. You had to put in your name and postcode – that sounded sensible but then they asked for my date of birth. Alarm bells rang. Of course, it was a scam, I should have known. Luckily, I realised in time or scammers could have had a lot more details from me.

On a positive note, the blue tits are safe and well in our nest box just outside the kitchen window. They are feeding their young and I cannot stop staring out through the glass at their comings and goings. Another small delight.

(Taken from my column in the Shropshire Star)


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