Hiding in plain sight


I have been to get my hair cut again. For me it is still a major outing and perhaps a dangerous one with someone working so close to me. And this time was different because the wearing of masks is not now mandatory. So, when I asked about COVID regulations they quite rightly said that they do not need to have any.

When I go to the doctors, hospital, or dentist I must wear a mask. A hairdresser gets as close, but masks need not be worn. Of course, when requested, the hairdresser did wear a mask and used gel for her hands, but I was the only customer using a face cover.  Perhaps everyone is tired of the COVID restrictions and is only too keen to get on with their lives (unless they get COVID).

We all want to put the last two years behind us and look forward. But I am keeping my distance and mask wearing. I am still using gel and washing my hands regularly. Some friends of ours tested positive recently which was a shock but though they are my age they recovered quite well after a week or so, maybe because they had been jabbed three times.

I have had an NHS email saying that there is an antiviral tablet that is available for the extra vulnerable. After testing positive and reporting it, the clinically vulnerable people must wait for a nurse to phone. If s/he does not ring, then the options are 111 or ring the GP and then you can be referred for the special tablets. Thank goodness for the antiviral tablets even though it all sounds a bit difficult to work out.

Another thing I have not been able to understand is why some people put their hazard lights on when they are parking where they should not. When I went to the hairdressers, I saw a van parked on the zebra crossing zig zags; the driver was eating a sandwich from the nearby cafĂ©. It seems as if he was saying ‘look at me, I am parking illegally but I am aware of it’. Is it better if you have flashing lights on, or should we try to be more surreptitious?

I am surprised that our robins have not been more surreptitious when choosing their nest site. The box is easy to see and any minute it could be pounced upon by a magpie or sparrow hawk. Maybe as the adage says ‘hiding in plain sight’ is a good idea.

I am not sure that this will work for the traffic warden though or for the coronavirus come to that.

(Taken from my column in the Shropshire Star)


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