Important matters


Two important things have happened here this week. One is as old as the hills and one is new technology. Both are good things and I am pleased about them happening.

Firstly, our grass fields have been cut. The fields are called Oak Meadow (because of the ancient oaks on the borders) and the other is called Goose bottom because we used to keep geese in there and it is low land. The grass is also full of wildflowers and this late cutting means that the seeds for next year have ripened and dropped into the soil. There are wide margins and I am hoping that over-wintering butterfly pupae and summer grasshopper eggs will be safe in the long grass there. How strange to walk this new flat land with Speckles the hen running wild and the moles having a field day with easy to dig tunnels. There were seven bales this year big round bundles with summer wrapped up inside them.

The second thing that has happened is that we have had a smart meter fitted. My electric company has been asking on-line for some time if I want one fitted. To be honest I have not seen the point. I know when I have got electrical devices switched on and I do not leave pilot lights on so what would be the advantage?

But recently I read that the radio signal that switches certain night-time heaters on is to be discontinued at the end of March next year. It’s worth checking if you need a smart meter for your night heaters. Also, we may need to change our tariffs for charging electrical cars and for that we need smart meters. Will we really all be driving such cars? It seems true so we must think ahead.

Meanwhile, we now have a device in the kitchen which shows green, orange or red. Green is normal and the electricity is only costing £0.04 per hour, but switching the kettle on changes it to orange and we are using £1.04 per hour. When we put the shower on the red light blares out and I dare not linger for long or think about how much it costs.

Our resident wren is also changing for the new season and thinking ahead. It is still feeding on the ants on our warm path and at night as I sit in the lounge, I can see it through the window flying up to my bay tree then up to my little basket pocket in the jasmine on the house wall. Sadly, it did not nest here but has found a cosy bed there for the night without thinking of electricity.

(Taken from my column in the Shropshire Star)

installation of our new smart meter


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